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Athlete Spotlight – April – Erinn M.


Athlete Spotlight – April – Erinn M.

Tell me about your fitness journey:

I’ve always been very active. In high school, I played soccer and ran cross-country. For the past 12+ years, I’ve been a marathon runner. Two years ago, our family moved to Colorado. Running at altitude was a challenge, so we looked into crossfit and instantly we were hooked.


Since starting with KADA, what changes have you seen in your health and fitness: I love this new version of strong that I didn’t feel as a distance runner. I’ve gained muscle and confidence in trying new things. My learning curve has been a steep one, but I’ve never given up.


What workouts/movements are your favorite and what are your least favorite: Favorite: strict pull ups; Least favorite: burpee box overs and double unders


What are your current goals: Just to be the best version of me – as a wife, mom to triplets and as an athlete. Inside the gym – to once and for all learn how to do double unders!


What keeps you motivated: I am pretty self-motivated, but my goals keep my motivated to keep showing up even on days when I don’t love the WOD. As a marathon runner, I ran alone and struggled alone through tough workouts. At crossfit, it’s the complete opposite. I love that you struggle together and the bond that’s created through the blood, sweat and tears.

What is your stress reliever and how do you like to relax: A massage (thanks Becky at Viewpoint Chiropractic) or a warm bath with lots of essential oils


What is your favorite go-to healthy meal: I’ve honed in on my nutrition that past few months with RP. I actually look forward to my breakfast of egg whites, ground turkey, cauliflower rice and a laughing cow cheese wedge. Trust me, it’s better than it sounds!

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