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Athlete Spotlight- December – Ben R.


Athlete Spotlight- December – Ben R.

Congratulate Ben R. on his accomplishments, dedication and fitness strides at KADA! Ben is very humble when it comes to working out. This means he is easily coached and knows it takes extremely hard work to accomplish tough measures. Ben is also very dedicated and consistent. You don’t continue to hit PR’s and gain strength by sitting back and watching others, which Ben knows. He works hard every day and puts in the time and effort to become a better version of himself. Awesome job Ben!!

Here’s a little bit about Ben you might not know!

What workouts/movements are your favorite and what are your least favorite:
My favorite movement right now is the snatch. It’s been a weakness of mine and could still use a lot of work but I’ve been having fun with it. My favorite CrossFit workout is Angie. My least favorite movement are handstand push-ups.
What are your current goals:
My current goals are to keep getting a little bit leaner and faster going into the open.
What keeps you motivated:
Staying motivated is fairly easy for me. Everyday I look forward to coming to the gym and working out with my friends,  making a solid effort to get stronger, faster, and healthier, and seeing how I measure up to all the other outstanding athletes and my previous self.
What is your stress reliever and how do you like to relax: 
To relieve stress and relax I like to go fly fishing.
What is your favorite go-to healthy meal:
My go to healthy meal lately has been grilled chicken thighs and broccoli.
Keep up the hard work Ben!!

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