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Athlete Spotlight – January – Marshall C.


Athlete Spotlight – January – Marshall C.

Marshall is the guy you watch pushing himself to the next level, encouraging his teammates to do the same and cheering everyone along with a smile the whole time. He sets goals for himself and knows how to reach them. Marshall can put into words exactly what it’s like to transform your body and in person you get an even better illustration. The way he talks about fitness, his accomplishments, how he has gotten where he is and what he is still doing is so encouraging to anyone listening. He’s on his second transformation challenge with KADA and people are looking up to him for advice on how to keep pushing along through the 6 weeks. The coaches at KADA are asking him to share his past experiences because they notice his determination and intensity and it’s obvious to anyone around him that this is infectious.

Since starting with KADA, what changes have you seen:
Since starting with CK KADA last September I have noticed a ton of changes.  To start, I have lost 25lbs and have gone from an XL to a L shirt and I have dropped 4.5″ off my waist and dropped 2 pant sizes.  I feel great and my cardio and strength are at a level that I haven’t been at in years.  Another noticeable change has been how much more energy I have now.  I used to crash every afternoon and would need caffeine or sugar to get me through the end of the work day and now I no longer need it.  At work, I feel more energetic, lighter and faster and I cannot wait for the first [tennis] tournament of the season to see how I perform.
What workouts/movements are your favorite and what are your least favorite: 
I still struggle with the Olympic Lifts, especially the cleans but I’m working to improve my technique as much as I can.  Right now, box jumps, wall balls and rowing would be things that I most look forward to and I’d really like to be able to string together some DU’s in the near future.
What are your current goals:
I am participating in the current Transformation Challenge and my goals are to lose 12lbs, getting me to 190 and to hopefully lose 3-4% body fat.  I also want to increase my strength gains enough to compete in the Festivus Games this spring.
What keeps you motivated:
My kids, Quincy (5) and Camden (3) are full of energy and I need to be as fit as possible to keep up with them.  My motivation is to be a great role model for them and part of that is being fit and eating healthy.
What is your stress reliever and how do you like to relax: 
I really enjoy wood working and have built a few pieces of furniture and this summer I am hoping to build us a new dining room table.  Creating something from scratch and finishing a project is extremely rewarding and the construction process is really soothing for me.
What is your favorite go-to healthy meal:
Right now I’d say its a toss up between cedar planked salmon and zoodles with chicken sausage.

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