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Athlete Spotlight-July – Brady D.


Athlete Spotlight-July – Brady D.

Tell me about your fitness journey:

My fitness background was always centered around training for football.  I played locally back In high school at Mullen, and continued in college for the Buffs from 2011-15.  I had decent experience with a barbell from football training, so using a barbell to do heavy cleans and squats was one of the things I really liked about CrossFit.  After I finished playing, I bounced around the 24 gyms for a bit and struggled to develop a consistent routine.  Last September my work paid for our membership to a gym which landed me at Kada, and have really enjoyed it ever since.

Since starting with KADA, what changes have you seen:

Engine!!! Just in seven minutes the or so I have noticed a huge change in my work capacity.  When I started I had to take breaks often and long to complete the work.  I’ve really noticed those breaks getting shorter and less frequent.

What workouts/movements are your favorite and what are your least favorite:
Favorites: Cleans, Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Bike, Rower. Anything where you can move some heavy weight around!
Least Favorite: Burpees, Thrusters, Gymnastics.  Definitely trying to work on all this though.
What are your current goals:

Nothing major. Just would like to continue to work towards being the fittest and healthiest version of myself I can be.

What keeps you motivated:

I’ve always been very competitive, and the community aspect of CrossFit which incorporates competition helps to keep me motivated.

What is your stress reliever and how do you like to relax:

Fishing, golf, getting outdoors and hanging out with my dog.

What is your favorite go-to healthy meal:

Anything from ModMarket!

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