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Athlete Spotlights – August – Jeff G. & Courtney O.


Athlete Spotlights – August – Jeff G. & Courtney O.

Jeff G-

     Tell me about your fitness journey: My fitness journey was always rocky at first. I use to go to a regular gym a long time ago before I moved to Colorado and I was on my own to do the different workouts and the nutrition piece was even HARDER. I hit 250 lbs. at one point just around the time I moved to Colorado in 2015 and I was feeling the pain emotionally and physically. It was about a year and half later when I spoke with Rebecca Estelle and decided to try CrossFit KADA out. I knew I wanted to do this with other people and not alone or I would fail. I didn’t want to spend the money but when I did the free class and realized how important my future was to me I made the commitment. I almost quit shortly after but I continued with the encouragement from Darin and I’m very glad I did. I’m so proud of myself for doing it and seeing the great results emotionally and physically with myself.

Since starting with KADA, what changes have you seen: Physically I’ve become stronger, I sleep better, and I don’t easily see it but look better. Emotionally with getting better sleep it’s reduced my stress and I think I’ve gained confidence in myself.

What workouts/movements are your favorite and what are your least favorite: I like the various push presses, box jumps, and deadlift. I’m not a fan of snatches, toe to bar, or burpees.

What are your current goals: To continue to build strength, improve technique in the different workouts/movements, and ultimately look and feel fitter.

What keeps you motivated: I’m driven to not live a unhealthy lifestyle currently and into my future and also the encouragement and camaraderie from other athletes.

What is your stress reliever and how do you like to relax: I enjoy watching TV and gaming (board games, pool, etc) with friends.

What is your favorite go-to healthy meal: Steak and Asparagus for the win!

Courtney O-

Tell me about your fitness journey: 
Since starting with KADA, what changes have you seen: When I started at KADA I had limited mobility in my shoulders. Within a couple of months I regained full mobility in my shoulders and started getting stronger. Lately with the new programming, I have noticed huge strength gains in my upper body. It’s fun to start adding new skills to my CrossFit repertoire!
What workouts/movements are your favorite and what are your least favorite: Snatches are my favorite. I like trying to figure them out. Wall balls are, by far, my least favorite. I seem to catch one on my face every time they’re in a WOD! Oh, and the assault bike! Can we go back to when we only had three of those things, please?
What are your current goals: My current overall goal is to continue to feel strong and healthy. In this way CrossFit helps me combat the feeling of “just getting older”. I also would love to get a ring muscle up and handstand walks someday. I love playing around with the gymnastics. 
What keeps you motivated: I love that KADA gives me a way to be an athlete again. I have always been active, whether through soccer, rock climbing or sprint triathlons. But as an adult I have struggled to find ways to be both mentally and physically challenged by working out. KADA checks off both of those boxes. Through KADA I am constantly learning new skills and improving on technique, not just moving around to loose weight, so my brain is engaged and my focus is on learning, not solely on how my body looks. This creates an internal motivation to keep learning and improving! 
What is your stress reliever and how do you like to relax: Um, CrossFit? After a long day at work, I love to come and engage my mind and body so deeply in a WOD that I put work behind me. It’s great. Other ways are reading, worshipping God really loud and off key (because I can’t seem to be ON key), and snowboarding! 
What is your favorite go-to healthy meal: Homemade tomato soup, veggie pho, or chicken schawarma with hummus and fattoush.

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