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Eat This…Not That…How to fuel your body for performance.


Eat This…Not That…How to fuel your body for performance.

You’ve heard it before…eat to fuel your body for the performance you want to achieve. But you’ve also heard this before…”wherionavsewoinsd asdlfoweifsdfnlsadlkfj woeinvelnksdofinf.” Did quite catch that? Don’t worry, it’s all explained below…

Over the years, you’ve heard people diving into new “diets” and you are probably wondering which one is best for you and why choose it? Those words written in a different language above are the confusing terms for all of these new diets people are following. Lets dig into them.

A. First-what are you goals?

  • You are just starting out on the nutrition journey… You want to be inspired to choose the healthier route instead of stopping at Chick Fil A 3x per week.
  • You’ve followed and been dedicated to a nutrition plan in the past but feel like there’s something more out there to help fuel your performance.

B. Second-what is your past like?

  • You get in a bind at work or on the way home and end up at the next fast food joint because it’s “easy.”
  • You do a good job of cooking for the family but find it time consuming and you want a plan that helps you speed up the process but still follow a healthy track.

Bottom Line? There’s no right or wrong reason to eat but there are differences in nutrition plans based on your goals and what your past nutrition history is like.

The “wherionavsewoinsd” diet: Paleo – This was one of the first “CrossFit diets” that showed up and it really just dialed us down to the bare minimums-what the cavemen ate. Also known as Whole 30 (which is really just paleo on steroids).

The principals? Eat meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.

Why eat this way? This is for the folks who are jump starting their nutrition. You woke up one day and thought…”I wonder what it would be like if I didn’t put creamer in my coffee or eat a bun with my burger at my favorite restaurant? Like would I lean out..hmmm…could I have abs?” Maybe you’ve been there. In January 2011 I was there. I was drinking 2 BIG GULP size mountain dews PER DAY and eating candy for lunch. Literally zero concept of nutrition and thought…I bet I could do this…for just 6 weeks I could see what happens. When I did, I felt better emotionally and physically, my skin cleared up, I leaned out and got stronger and overall I really just felt better. Ask anyone who has stuck with the 6 week KADA challenge and they will say the same thing.

The “asdlfoweifsdfnlsadlkfj” diet: Paleo + Macro Counting – This is the formula we use for the 6 week nutrition challenge. Athletes follow the whole foods way of eating (paleo) and count macros to ensure they stay on track to best optimize weight loss and increased performance.

The principals? Eat meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar…but track your intake. 25% carbs (veggies and the starchy carbs) 25% protein and 50% fats (healthy fats! such as avos and nuts and seeds!)

The “woeinvelnksdofinf” diet: RP Strength – This way of eating is for those athletes who have a strong understanding of nutrition, have followed macro counting in the past and understand the concept and who are looking to fuel for performance more so than basic weight loss in the beginning.

The principals? Macro counting with the introduction of healthy carbs to help fuel you while continuously losing weight or gaining muscle mass. This program gives a little more leeway in terms of what you can eat but the timing of eating is quite specific and meant to help you dial in nutrition even further after you take the first steps of the above plans.

Why eat this way? You have followed paleo or whole 30 in the past and understand macro counting and you are looking to have a specific plan laid out for your future goals. This plan also typically has athletes preparing meals for 3-5 days at a time (even 7) so you are not A. finding something random to eat in a pinch and B. free up time in the evening (time that is usually spent cooking)

So what do you do with all of this information? 

  • First step-come to a free nutrition seminar at KADA
  • Second step-join a 6 week challenge (or don’t even wait! but join one for accountability)
  • Third step-take before pictures and come in for a biometric assessment
  • Fourth step-make healthy changes

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