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Graduating From Base Camp Classes


Graduating From Base Camp Classes

Whenever we learn a new trade or skill, there’s a learning curve. We work hard at the skill and define our techniques. We learn the ropes, ask questions and figure out how to get past our personal hurdles. This exact philosophy works for us at CrossFit. With over 50 movements, the sport of CrossFit requires constant practice. To learn these movements and define our technique we must start out slow, acclimating our bodies to the new intensity and movement patterns. This is what we call Base Camp at CrossFit: Three to six weeks of training, focusing on the foundational movements of CrossFit where intensity is slowly increased and your brain gathers names of varied skills you’ve never heard of before. You know the drill right? A clean, a power clean, a hang power clean, a hang clean-so many options! But, you’ve learned the ins and outs over your six weeks and you are ready to tackle a higher intensity and be even more accountable to your fitness routine.


So here you are, Congrats on your achievements!

CrossFit won’t be anything new for you because you’ve already let us teach you how to move properly. It will still be scaled to your fitness level and you can bring up the intensity as you wish. It’s time to dial in nutrition and health even further. So give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve learned how to add a 45lb bar and some plates on either side (don’t worry you’ll still get stuffed on this one some times, we all do!) as well as dive into one of the most rewarding fitness programs out there. Get ready to push yourself a little bit harder, find a larger community of friends and achieve milestones and meet goals that you never thought were possible!

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