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March Athlete Spotlight – David L.


March Athlete Spotlight – David L.

Meet David L!

During the CrossFit Games Open Series, David really encouraged and inspired others and honestly without him, the open wouldn’t have been as fun! David completed the judges course for the Open and really helped us make sure our athletes stayed safe while completing all of their workouts.

In the last few months, David really dialed in his nutrition which helped him achieve some of his specific goals like ring muscle ups again, handstand push ups and linking T2B with more fluidity. Others have seen David’s hard work and want to jump on the RP nutrition train too! Keep up the hard work David! 

Read more about David’s journey below:

Tell me about your fitness journey: I grew up playing all kinds of sports (baseball and tennis in high school). So I’ve always been into fitness in some sort of fashion. I moved to Littleton, CO from Atlanta, GA in January of 2015. In October of 2015, I stumbled across this a crossfit gym called Crossfit KADA and had no clue how the gym would change me. I couldn’t do more than 2 pullups when I started, and now I have competed in several Crossfit competitions, participated in the MURPH challenge twice, and just completed the Crossfit open for the third time. Every year getting better and learning more and more.

Since starting with KADA, what changes have you seen: 

Since starting at KADA, the gym has changed so much. There is so much new workout equipment (new bikes, extra rowers, slam balls, etc.) We also rarely filled a class back in the day. Now, we max them out. Our community and crossfit family is bigger and stronger now than I have ever seen it since coming to this gym.

What workouts/movements are your favorite and what are your least favorite: 

My favorite movement is the ring muscle-up. (Not very good at them yet, but I’m determined to master them this year)

What are your current goals:

My goals are to obtain my level 1 crossfit certification this year and become a better crossfitter so that I can compete at a higher level this year. I’d also like to stay on top of my diet so that I can be as healthy as possible.

What keeps you motivated:

My girlfriend, Lauren and Faith RX fitness family keep me motivated to be better each week. Over the last year, I’ve learned that being spiritually fit is equally as important as being physically fit.

What is your stress reliever and how do you like to relax: 

Eating halo top (in moderation 😉) and watching super hero TV shows are my stress relievers!

What is your favorite go-to healthy meal:

My favorite go-to healthy meal is the Whole 30 Creamy taco Soup. You can slow cook of instant pot this recipe and it is perfect for lunches throughout the week.

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