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WOD 20160802


WOD 20160802

E2MOM 16 Minutes
3-Position Clean
(high hang, mid-quad, floor)

8 sets


Hang Power Clean Ladder & 75% of 1rm Power Clean

1 Hpcl

2 Hpcl

3 Hpcl

4 Hpcl

5 Hpcl

—then start back at the beginning of the ladder at 1 Hpcl

12 min AMRAP

** Penalties on AMRAP

-Dropping the bar before the set is finished will result in 5 push ups and starting over from the beginning of that set

(On the set of 4 in the ladder if you perform 3 hpcl and the bar hits the ground before you do #4 = 5 push ups and start back at the beginning of set 4) Don’t drop the bar unless it’s between sets!!

ZP Leaderboard

3 pos clean weight

metcon- number of hpcl completed in total + number of push ups in total (include weight in notes) on the ZP app-record hpcl as the first number in the amrap and pushups as the second number (the best way to score this on ZP)

–> 55 + 10 means you did 55 hpcl and 10 push ups (you got penalized twice)



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