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WOD 20180328


WOD 20180328

Festivus Games WOD #2

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In 15 minutes…

50 Dumbbell snatch alternating (50#/35#/35#/20#)
40 Plate-hop Burpees
30 Air squats
20 No-rock Hand-release Push-ups
10 Pull-ups (Intermediates) / Ring Rows (Novice/Masters)

At the top of every minute the athlete will do 8 Plate-hold Russian twists.

Athletes will begin with the dumbbell snatch and perform all 50 reps before moving on to burpees. As a chipper every movement must be completed entirely before moving on to the next movement. At the top of every minute the MC will announce it’s time for all athletes to perform 8 plate-hold Russian twists. Athletes may finish the rep they are on but then must stop, complete the 8 Russian twists, and then return to the movement they were last working on, with reps continuing from the last good rep of that movement.

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